Pumpkin Paper Project

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This is a simple decorative project to try at home.
Here’s what to you need:
1. Construction Paper( green, orange and or white)
2. Ruler
3. Pair of Scissors
4. Stapler
5. Sewing String

First cut the paper length wise in 1 inch strips.

Decorative paper pumpkin

Decorative paper pumpkin

Next lay the 3 or 4 strips out flat on a surface in a cross cross pattern then staple the center of them attaching all strips together.
Then holding the attached pieces with your thumb in the middle begin to attach the individual pieces of paper at the top where the meet and staple them together.
With the green piece of paper or which ever color you choose, cut out the leaves and the stem. To make the stem cut an eighth of an inch wide and five inches long strip of paper, then swirl it around a pencil. Then un-swirl it a bit if it’s needed.

Decorative paper pumpkin

Decorative paper pumpkin

Now you are going to want to staple the leaves & stem on the top part of the paper pumpkin.
Note: You can hang it around your home or have it displayed without being hung. I chose to have it displayed on my chandelier in the dining room. I found some maple leaf strand at a fabric store & rapped it around the chandelier. It gives the room a Fall harvest feel.
I hope this decoration brings as much joy to your home as it has mine!

What do you think about these paper pumkins?

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