Rebecca Burgess: Textile Artist

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Rebecca Burgess natural dyes
Rebecca Burgess natural dyes

Local West Marin Textile artist Rebecca Burgess makes beautiful all natural dyes and clothing. She challenged herself by only wearing 100% handmade and all natural fibers that were produced within 150 miles from her home in Lagunitas California, for 1 year. That was quite a challenge. She has written two books now and teaches workshops called “Ecology of Color,” on making your own all natural local dyes. A few of the local natural fibers she uses are wool, angora, cotton and alpaca.
Rebecca is keen on being more environmentally friendly with the natural fashion she makes. Out in Point Reyes at Toby’s Feed Barns there is going to be a fibershed fashion show, it’s to help raise money for a solar-powered regional textile mill. I think what she is doing is amazing and makes me want to attend some of her workshops. From reading about what Rebecca is doing, it truly inspires me to want to learn how to crochet and make my own blankets, pillows and even clothing.

Rebecca Burgess

Rebecca Burgess

Rebecca Burgess natural dyes

Rebecca Burgess natural dyes

Check out Rebecca Burgess site and her blog at:

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