Silhouette Wall Art

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Silhouette art became very popular in the US around 1790 to 1840. Before the advent of photography, silhouette portraits were considered an inexpensive way to record a person’s appearance. I’ve been seeing silhouette art everywhere in design for decorative purposes, especially in Children’s bedrooms. I remember having a portrait silhouette done in elementary school of myself and every one in my class. I’ll have to ask my mom if she may have it still.

Silhouette wall art

Silhouette wall art

Anyone could easily recreate this look. Take a profile photo of who ever you’d like and enlarge to what ever size. Next cut out the photo and trace the image over a black piece of construction paper. Next glue the image on white construction paper and place it in a frame. I think its a wonderful way to use wall art in a home.

Silhouette wall art

Silhouette wall art

The fabric silhouette is adorable as well. Using fabrics such as faux leather, suede, hide, felt are easier to us when re-creating this look. Keep in mind that you don’t want fabrics that will unravel.

Silhouette wall art

Silhouette wall art

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