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Wouldn’t it be great if you could just buy all new furniture when you become tired of the same old sofa, dining chairs or love seat? Maybe you’ve decided that you want to change the overall look of the room?

Well I have the solution! They’re called slip covers and I feel like not enough people use them so I decided to write a post about them.

I think we would all love to buy new furniture on a whim. However, buying new furniture can be a hefty investment and sometimes just isn’t in your personal budget. This is when affordable slipcovers come in handy and can be a budget friendly alternative to try that also look great. I did like the Shabby Chic slipcovers at Target but they havn’t been available for years. After a long hunt for pretty and affordable slipcovers, Surefit is a great replacement to try.

Slipcovers are wonderful to have because they are easy to clean, especially if you have a young family and pets. Several friends have told me about this company and I just had to blog about them.

This sofa slipcover a great deal only $129.99..not bad at all!

These offer a great way to freshen up your home for the new year. For disclosure I am not getting any compensation for writing this post just wanted to share a good source for buying slipcovers.

What are your thoughts about slipcovers on your furniture? Love it, or is it not your style?

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