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I love the look of subway tiles in kitchens and bathrooms. If you decide to use subway tiles it will evoke a clean and fresh feel in your home. If you’re looking to re-surface a bathroom or kitchen subway tiles for back-splashes now come in every possible color to complement any decor. I personally prefer white subway tiles because it’s a traditional look and if you want to paint the bathroom or kitchen a different color it will be easier to do so. A classic tile pattern is displaying them vertically and for a more modern look try a horizontal layout. Which ever way you decide to display them, will give your home more of a historic flair.

Dark Grout subway tiles

Dark Grout subway tiles

Dark grout is a classic combination with subway tiles, image by Elle Decor.

I have also noticed dark grout being used for back splashes. The great thing about darker grout is it’s a lot easier to keep clean.

White grout subway tiles

White grout subway tiles

White grout, is a different look entirely.I also like the look of white grout, as it has a softer feel to it. This is a charming farmhouse style kitchen, the white tile works well in this kitchen. Again, the only thing about white grout is it’s harder to clean.

Photo, House Beautiful

Which do you prefer white or dark grout?

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