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Yesterday while Christmas shopping I had some extra free time to look through some of West Petaluma’s finest antique boutiques. Summer Cottage Antiques I absolutely love! I spent almost an hour in the boutique in absolute awe, looking at all their wonderful furnishings and adorable accessories. It truly has an impressive collection of cards, letters, old sign, beautiful patina furniture, decorative pillows, buttons and much more. Those were just a few of the main items that really stuck out to me.

Inside Summer Cottage Antiques has little sections that have things from different people & antique dealers which makes it more interesting. To be honest with you, I could spend hours in here, or days. Another plus is they have some really nice new handmade jewelry, cards, and decorations that would make for great gifts. Lastly, the highlight for me is definitely all the antiques and home accessories, it’ss so AWESOME! This boutique is fair priced and there is something there for anyone that likes antiques or interesting finds. The staff are friendly and helpful which is a big plus. Below are some photos that I took of the store and a couple from their website.
So, if you’re ever in West Petaluma it’s well worth stopping by and checking it out!

Lots of great antique mannequins..

Beautiful handmade pillows..

Visit the Summer Cottage Antiques website:

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