The Metal Tree Bed: Nature Inspired

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What do you think about this nature inspired bed? Is it too over the top for your liking or do you love it? Its a “Tree Bed” to bring some nature into the bedroom. This bed is romantic, refreshing and reminds me of something out of a fairy tale or child story book. I think anyone could dress this bed up as more of an adult bedroom or it could be charming in a kids room. That all depends on the prints, patterns or solid fabrics you decide to use when decorating the bed. I think it’s definitely a “statement” piece of furniture!
Tree Bed 1

Tree Bed

Tree Bed

Designer Shawn Lovell enjoys the romantic idea of sleeping in nature and ‘The Tree Bed’ was her answer. The four corners of the bed are made of tall metal tree sculptures which curve upwards and blossom out above the bed mattress. The leaves and tendrils are uniquely hand-forged and she mainly focuses on making one-of-kind commissioned work. She does commercial and residential pieces and her work mainly involves both traditional and modern techniques.
This is her second ‘Tree Bed,’ which one do you prefer?

Tree Bed

Tree Bed

I personally like them both! The bed is quite expensive..I do however think the design of the bed frame has a lot of character and is pretty unique looking.

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  • Edgar Allan


    Not expensive? It’s $15,000. Perhaps I misunderstood.


    • Cozy Bliss


      Sorry Edger that was a typo, the beds are expensive. Thanks for checking out my blog:-)


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