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I am loving the look of glass display bell jars. Not only are they pretty, they have many uses around the home to display nice collectable items and flowers. When I think about all the creative ways to use these glass domes the possibilities seem endless like adding pastries, antique books, flowers and trinkets. There seems to be no end to the uses of displaying these domes. One thing to keep in mind is the ones that come with a black base are pretty common. Another idea to try is to find the domes sold without a base and then place them on top of white ceramic stands, like a ceramic cake stand. For a romantic feel, look for the ones that are etched with a handle. For more of a modern feel, look for smooth domes without etching and no handles on top. For an all around design that suits for any style try a round knob on top to use as a handle but no etching on the glass. Here are some photos of glass bell vases and where to get this look.

From a boutique in Florence Bouvier in Lyon, France

These are great reproductions of the original Victorian glass bell jars that come with wooden bases.

Check these out at Pottery Barn.

From Restoration Hardware, a trio of 1920s French Glass Cloches; ranging in price from $89 to $129.

What are your thoughts on these glass ball vases? I’d love to hear from you.

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