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Aren’t these pendant lights unique looking?

pendant light colored
pendant light whiteI found this interesting pendant light last night while doing some research. This pendant light is designed by Louise Campbell. Campbell developed ‘LC shutters’ for UK-based lighting company Louis Poulsen. This aesthetic pendant light was created with a focus on being simple and modern. The light is designed with a glare-free bulb that is protected by a diffuser. In the production process the light is cut down in three steps: They cut it when making the shade, stamping the pattern, and painting. Each time the pattern is cut they use a new tool which can stamp with millimeter-precision. Another plus is that the light shields the viewer from direct lighting while also eliminating any harsh shadows, as seen in the images below.
dining table pendant lights
colored pendant lightThey’re truly beautiful and colorful. What are your thoughts on pendant lights?

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