Tufted Love Seat Quest

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Several weeks ago I wrote a post on tufted sofas and how I’ve been on the hunt for a nice one for my living room. Last weekend while buying a couple of things for my partner’s office I stumbled upon this cute love seat at World Market. I think I may buy it! It’s not too big, has the tufted look that I want with sweet buttons to add a bit more interest and best of all it’s in the price point that I’m looking for. However, the Alameda flea market is this weekend so I am thinking of waiting until after I go. Who knows maybe I’ll find an even better tufted love seat there this Sunday. Oh and I am still looking on Craig’s List every day. Sometimes being patient really does pay off, but my living room is desperately in need of a sofa – like ASAP! I am kinda running out of patience at this point. Below is a photo of the love seat I found at World Market.

Isn’t this a great little love seat?

A close up of the buttons on the love seat.

While shopping I spotted these awesome poufs.

I thought these poufs would be great for extra seating & a nice leg rest as well only $69.99 each. Poufs work nicely for small studios, apartment and tiny houses. These small enough to where you can place them under a console table or as a side table, very multi functional and easy to move around.

Just an update on my sofa hunt for the living room. Any other ideas on where I may find a nice small sofa or love seat?
- Xoxo Jessica

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