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I’ve been really liking the look of tufted sofas & settees lately. At the moment I am not interested in spending several thousand dollars on a sofa but I do appreciate the more expensive sofas. I think that seating and bedding are things that you should spend more on for comfort & everything else you can be more lenient on. However, when I do end up finding my perfect sofa, I know for a fact that I will be successful in finding a vintage one on “good old” craigslist, eBay or at the next Alameda Flea Market. As for the budget of $100-$1,500.00 is more of what I am thinking.

In the mean time these sofas below I found while looking online will really help on my hunt and will help draw inspiration on finding the perfect tufted sofa.

As of this moment I am scanning craigslist, to find that perfect sofa. It’s all about being patient when finding the perfect pieces of furniture, especially with my budget. When I see it, I will know it’s the one.

Restoration Hardware 108″ SOHO TUFTED SOFA
$4995 – $6650

Anthropologie- Atelier Chesterfield, Bottle Green $5,998.00

This Anothorpologie sofa is pretty expensive. When I think about shopping there I realize a large majority of people that shop there are young adults and students mostly. Their merchandise has definitely gone up in price from what it used to be. At that price you can buy a completely custom Henredon sofa.

Elkins Tufted Settee from Century

This is a really pretty sofa. I like the mix of the peacock blue and the avocado green combo together. The white trim and blue velvet really pop! Ok this one I don’t have any info on and not quit sure if it’s for sale or not. I just found it on the blog The Decorologist.

This is an American mid-century modern button tufted sofa in the manner of Milo Baughman. It’s nice but I’m not sure the color will work in the space I am working with. Via Stdibs

This settee from Century is a great one and is leaning closer to what I want. It could be nice for the living room but the question is, how comfortable is it? The last flea market in Alameda had a couple of similar ones like this one and I really should have bought one of them the last time I was there.

This sofa looks comfortable & is more of what I am looking for. I guess when doing research I am more drawn to white and beige sofas because you can always add more interest with colorful throws and decorative pillows. So out of all the sofas this is the main look I am going for!
Via: Candace Rose

Yep, there you have it with my inner workings of my ridiculous sofa hunt.

Do you like tufted sofas and settees? Any other ideas of where to find an inexpensive but good looking sofa that I didn’t talk about, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments below

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