Unique ways of Displaying Holiday Cards

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It’s that time of year where I’m sure your mailbox is filled with lovely holiday cards. Cards sent to you from family or close friends is like a small gift from those you love dearly. Here are some nice ways for seeing them being displayed, so you can enjoy them til the end of the holiday season. I did some research for some creative and unique ways to display holiday cards. Here are a few fun ways you can display your cards in your home.

Card display on wreath

Card display on wreath

Display cards on a pin up wreath–Martha Stewart

Card display

Card display

Tack cards onto a fabric-covered cork board & sits inside a frame--blueprint bliss blog

Card display

Card display

Garland-string-laundry pins-cards on the stairway--Jenny Castle Design

Card display

Card display

Branches with a couple of ornaments and cards.

Just some fun ideas to try. I hope these ideas help give you some inspiration!

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