Vintage Seltzer Bottles

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Last weekend was my second visit to the Alameda Flea Market and one of my favorite things to do is bargain shop. I’ve been seeing seltzer bottles more and more at flea markets and home decor boutiques.

Seltzer bottles at the Alameda flea Market..

Most of these seltzer bottles aren’t functioning, but if you get one that works that’s cool because they are hard to find. Seltzer bottles have a decorative quality about them and I am glad they’re being re-used in design.

These antique seltzer pendant lighting fixtures are made by Russell Johnson. They date back from the 1930s, and are both beautiful and functional, and are perfect for a variety of lighting applications from the living room to the kitchen. They also use low energy dimmable CFL bulbs.

Napa Styles-(Vintage Seltzer Bottle Pendant Lights) $199.00

Makes for a great soap bottle instead of your usual soap dispenser you find at the home decor store. Sad but true I am sure the antique bottle is much better quality & a nice little statement piece as well.

Any new ideas of using antique seltzer bottles? Please feel free to comment, I’d love to here your thoughts!

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