Vogue Chic Glass Decanters by Joe Cariati

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I was doing some research today and came across these blown glass beauties from Vogue.com. Designer Joe Cariati truly makes gorgeous contemporary 100% handmade glass pieces. One thing to keep in mind, if you don’t have it in your budget, you could recreate this look by finding glass decanters & bottles at flea markets and estate sales. But it may not be as pretty as Joe Cariati’s work.

Glass vases

Glass vases

Glass vases

Glass vases

Similar look
Colorful glass bottles & vases

Beautiful decorative glass vases

Beautiful decorative glass vases

Angelic Bottle Collection $185-$275

Pastry and cheese dome collection

Pastry and cheese dome collection

Pastry and Cheese Dome Collection, medium $545 & large $565
These pieces make for great home accessories. I personally like how the decanters are all different shapes, sizes and colors. It really keeps your eyes moving and could work for any stylish home decor.

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