Wall Art DIY: Just Paint Over It

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I spotted a unique DIY project on a great wall art idea. If you have a painting in your home that you absolutely can’t stand or find a cheap canvas painting at the thrift store or flea market, and not sure if you want to keep it, just paint over it! Check out what the Old Brand New Blog did to a lemon painting found at a thrift store and it’s transformation. Below are the before and after pictures. What a fun DIY project to try, after all canvases are pricey so why not paint over a painting? I do think it could be therapeutic and also Eco-frendly to re-use a painting instead of getting rid of it.

What are your thoughts? Would you ever paint over an existing painting and make it more of what you’d want to hang in your home? One thing to watch out for is make sure you aren’t painting over a valuable piece! Yikes!!!

- Xoxo Jessica

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