10 Ways of Decorating With Vintage Trunks & Luggage

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Decorating your home with vintage trunks & luggage helps to add character to any space. The vintage steamer trunks are also known as a traveling chest. These chests were used as large traveling containers for holding clothes and personal belongings. Trunks now a days are used mostly for either decorative storage, holding blankets / linens and memorabilia.

Here are ten great examples of fun & creative ideas of how you could use these trunks, chest and vintage luggage by transforming them into fantastic pieces in your home or office.
1. Louis Vuitton luggage as a side coffee table:

Aren’t these vintage Louis Vuitton suit cases so gorgeous? Sure, the trunks are quite eye catching, but also expensive. Try looking online or head to estate sales and even flea markets. I’ve seen plenty of great affordable vintage trunks and vintage luggage items that could work just as nice. That’s if you’re not interested in buying a real vintage LV luggage.
Image from elementsofstyle
2. Use a large vintage trunk as a coffee table:

A glamourous vintage Louis Vuitton Trunk used as a fabulous coffee table. This classic trunk gives this space a nice travel and casual chic vibe. Even the zebra area rug pillows and ottoman make a statement!

3. Use a steamer trunk underneath a console table or end of hallway:

In the two images above, are some other great ideas of using these vintage streamer trunks. They’re wonderful if you’re short on storage and they look better than newer looking trunks to me personally, because they have lots of character.
Above images from style carrot
4. Vintage suitcase as a liquor and wine holder:

Now why didn’t I think of this cool but funky way of displaying wine & liquor on the wall? A great DIY project.
5. A pet bed:

6. A vintage trunk chair:

Transform a vintage trunk into a chair! I love the look of this cute tufted trunk chair, so precious.

7. Use a vintage suitcase as a decorative plant holder and other accessories:

8. Stack several trunks and vintage luggage against a wall:

This will make a bold statement in any space.

9. Use as memorabilia:

As seen in the image above, try hanging photos, cards, notes or anything that’s meaningful to you on twine or string.
10. Use a vintage trunk to hold extra decorative pillows:

This is a cool vintage Goyard steamer trunk, they’re hard to find.

Beautiful linens from Pom Pom in the LA store. Their display of the Louis Vuitton trunk looks so cozy with their throws, pillow and violin.

Any other creative ideas of decorating your home with vintage trunks & luggage? I’d love to hear your ideas!
- Xoxo Jessica

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