5 Creative DIY Project: Rubber Door Mat Decor

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I’m always on the hunt for a unique DIY project. I found these colorful rubber floor mats on Pinterest and I got inspired to find other interesting ways of decorating using floor mats around the home. I never knew you could do so many great things using rubber floor mats, which is pretty exciting when it comes to a DIY project. Check out just a few of my favorite DIY projects other bloggers did that are actually pretty incredible.

1. Colorful Spay painted rubber Mat(s):

Buy a rubber floor mat or a few and spray paint them any color or colors of your choice. A quick and easy little project that will surely give your home more charm. From Camel & Yak.

2. Turn a rubber mat into wall art:

A more subtle take on the floor mat by painting them white and hanging a set of them up as wall art. For more information on this DIY project check out the Salvage Dior Blog.

3. Garden stepping stones:

They make for beautiful stepping stones in a garden. For more information on how to make these stepping stones check out Tiber Press.

4. Block print rug using a rubber mat:

Now this is my favorite one using a rubber mat as block print on an area rug to create a beautiful patterned area rug. Looks so stunning! This is perfect if you have a cheap, old or used plain rug and you want to give it a second chance instead of throwing it way. A rubber mat comes in handy or some other stencil stamping objects you could think of to create a repeating block print. Now that’s what I’m talking about! A fabulous patterned rug that you were thinking of throwing out looks new again by it’s new and improved inexpensive rubber mat stenciling. I also wanted to point out, anything involving paint can get a little tricky at times so I’d suggest looking at the original post to get all the right instructions and maybe having some help would be best.

For instructions on how to create this yourself check out Apartment Therapy.

5. Paint the floor mat a creative design:

Ok, so these mats aren’t rubber but you can still create this look with a rubber mat. It gives an ordinary plain floor mat a new life by creating a playful color, pattern, or floral motif.

An ombre floor mat that Domestic Imperfection made.

Lastly, I wanted mention that
most home improvement stores have a pretty good selection of inexpensive rubber floor mats to choose from. So you will not be as disappointed if your DIY project doesn’t turn out the way you were hoping.

A photo of a selection of mats from Home Depot that Domestic Imperfection took a picture of.

FLEUR-DE-LYS RUBBER DOORMAT $59 – $79 SPECIAL $53 – $70 at Restoration Hardware.

There are so many better options these days when it comes to door mats. Restoration Hardware and Home Depot are just a few sources to pick from as options for rubber door mats. I must say they’re not as boring and uninteresting as they used to be which is a big plus.

Do you know of any other DIY projects using rubber or non-rubber door mats you’ve made or found that you’d like to share?

- Xoxo Jessica

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  • Dawn Fannin


    I would really like to know what kind of paint you used for painting the neon colored rubber mats. Did you have to prime them first and how many coats of paint did you use? I’m ready to start painting and would really like to know what I’m doing. Your mats are beautiful.



    • Cozy Bliss


      Hi Dawn,

      I would try using Krylon’s new line for plastic & rubber.


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