5 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

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1. Dressing up the Foyer

A great way to dress up the foyer for some Christmas charm with a shimmering ornament banister. I like the colors in the ornaments & ribbons, it elegantly climbs the stairway in this foyer. This whimsical idea would also work great as window decorations as well. Lastly, it’s not hard to recreate & not that time consuming.
2. Garland on furniture

Garland is commonly hung on fireplace mantels but this is a nice change of displaying garland. Simple but elegant with the white ribbon & ornaments.
Also the decorative little village on top of the chest finishes it off perfectly.
3. Decorative Branches

Extra branches from the Christmas tree make a nice touch as wall decorations. Another plus is that it will make the room smell warm with Holiday cheer.
4. Painted pinecones

Find or buy pinecones to decorate your home with. I’ve seen them painted gold & silver and they looking stunning especially with garland on a fireplace mantel or table setting.
5. Branch X-mas tree

Try arranging tree branches in any vase of choose for a fun tree tabletop decoration. This works great to still have Holiday spirit in your home if you’re planning on traveling to visit family over the Holiday season. In this picture the ornaments used are prisms and gold-painted walnuts.

These are just a few of my favorites Christmas decorations that are easy to re-create with things you already have in the home.

Cheers and happy decorating!

Any other DIY easy to do Christmas decoration projects you’d like to share?

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