6 Decorating Ideas For Spring 2012

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Have you done any decorating in your home for Spring yet? Well if you haven’t had a chance yet I found a couple of easy ideas and fun projects to decorate your home for Spring. When transitioning your home from winter to spring, I like drawing inspiration from Mother Nature. So put away your decorative winter pine cones and replace them with cherry-blossom branches, driftwood, feathers, eggs, sea shells, and quince. After all Spring time brings the joy of new life that sprouts all around us. Here are six fun & easy ideas to freshen up your home for Spring.

1. Make an indoor herb garden in small pots. These could easily be placed in your kitchen or in a room with good natural light.

Photo via Laura Casey Interiors

2. Try grouping water hyacinths or other Spring bulbs in a vintage vessel. This creates beautiful ambiance.

Photo via Laura Casey Interiors

3. Collect a couple of vintage vessels and place Spring flowers inside them. These look even better near a bright & sunny window, as seen in the photo below.

Photo via: Country Living Magazine
Adding plants to your home that represent this time of year can help bring celebration inside your home. Fresh plants clean the air which is a big plus too!

4. Here’s a real fun Spring DIY idea. Make a paper mâché feather nest from Country Living Magazine.

Via:Country Living

5. Eggs and pebble rocks in clear glass specimen jars.

Fill specimen jars with eggs and pebbles or other nature’s treasures you fancy. Even more of a reason to head to the beach and collect pebbles. They are so much smoother by the ocean and seem even more blue when placed next to a collection of peach cream colored chicken eggs. A perfect natural Easter decoration. And of course don’t forget to blow-out the egg yolk before using them as decorations. Another plus, blown out eggs make for pretty displays well past the Easter holiday.

6. Pastel Galleria art wall:

I really like the look of the wall art behind the sofa. When I saw this I thought it would be an easy art project to decorate for Spring. Ikea has inexpensive matching framed art you can buy & the paper you could get at any craft or art supply store. You could either buy acrylic paint or watercolor paint to get the same look as in the photo above.

Another idea for decorating your wall art for Spring, is to try swapping out your pictures with those that represent the current season. For example swap out photos & wall art that represent Spring, pick out photos of a beach, gardens and other beautiful nature scenes.

Also even move art around instead of keeping it in the same spot, people may even think that you bought new art because sometimes they don’t look at the art or notice it.
Image via Casa Sugar

Happy April Fools Day to everyone & I hope you’re having a great weekend.
- xoxo Jessica

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