7 Spring Decorating Ideas 2013

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Spring time is finally here! That means there are plenty of fun things to do to freshen up your home after a long Winter. I gathered just a couple of great ideas to try around the home that are simple to get into the mood for Spring. So get ready for lots of pretty days of blooming flowers, full leafy trees and beautiful weather (California Sun). Here are a few ideas to help bring Spring into your home.

1. Clean your windows from all the marks of snow, rain and dirt that gets accumulated throughout the winter and let the bright morning sun come on in to enjoy.

2. While you’re at it go ahead with freshening up the windows, try planting a small potted herb garden on the windowsills. Try using herbs such as mint, parsley, rosemary or basil. All of these herbs are so refreshing and not only do they look pretty but they will also smell heavenly as well.

3. Consider removing your heavy area rugs for lighter non heavy rugs. Replace the heavy wool or heavy animal hide rugs with not so warm rugs for a fresher feel in your home. Sisal, jute or thinner animal hide rugs work much better for Spring and Summer instead.

4. Lighten up on the heavy duty warm linens with lighter linens. With Spring time comes those occasional cooler nights but everything made of wool or heavy down comforters to cover ourselves may be a bit too much. Try switching to a light cotton throw or lighter down comforter instead. Also switch up your throw blankets and decorative pillows to fun colors to use on furniture around the home.

5. Try replacing your heavy curtains for lighter ones. Although thick and dark curtains work perfectly in the Winter to keep the cold they aren’t necessary for Spring. Switch them out with light curtains to let the sun shine in for the warmer days to come.

6. Change or rotate wall art. Every new season it’s always nice to look at new art in your home, as it makes each room feel new and exciting.

6. And lastly bring in some new flowers from outside in. Right now there are so many Spring bulbs blooming they would be perfect to bring inside to enjoy. Lately I’ve preferred simple floral arrangements that are more organic looking as if they were freshly picked from the garden (like in the image below).

I love that Spring is finally here and that Summer is just around the corner:-)

What are your favorite things to do to welcome Spring into your home?

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- Xoxo Jessica

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  • Leanne Ramnarine


    I adore the garden flowers in those varying containers. So beautiful yet down to earth!


  • Cozy Bliss


    Hi Leanne,

    I’m so happy you like them. Thank you for stopping by!


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