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Happy Monday!

Lately, I’ve been thinking of painting a couple of pieces of furniture to change the vibe in my place. I’ve been concidering the dipped paint trend that I have been seeing more of these days.

I know that trends come and go but I’m really considering embracing this chic trend, after all it’s always easy to paint over it once this trend isn’t popular or I end up getting tried of looking at it. The look of dipped furniture and home accessories are popping up all over web in design blogs and design world. As most of you might already know I’m a big fan and color blocking and two toned furniture, it just helps add extra character to a space if you’re looking to try something new.

The best part about this design trend is it’s really easy to make yourself, simply pick a paint color of your choice and painter’s tape and you’re good to go. A great current way to transform an ordinary piece of furniture or home accessory and give it some sprucing up!

Below are just a few different ways and ideas to try the dipped paint trend.

IKEA hack via The Sweet Beast

Martha made these awesome paint dipped baskets. A great alternative if your not interested in painting your furniture.

This paint-dipped chair looks fresh and modern.

I like this lovely mix of pastel paint-dipped chairs. Also, the sky blue legs on the armchair is a great idea for giving new life to a traditional chair.

Love these rainbow color wooden spoons and forks.

Are you tempted to dabble in the paint dip trend as much as I am?

(Images: Houzz, Little Green Note Book, Design Sponge, Little Bit Funky,

- Xoxo Jessica

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