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Jessica-Van-MiddeMy passion for interior decorating started when I was a young girl. My parents bought several fixer upper homes around Marin County while I was growing up. They really enjoyed DIY projects and making their homes fit their personal taste. That is how I learned & grew to appreciate interior decorating and home design. I learned from my mom becauseĀ  she would often be on the hunt for great pieces of furniture & unique accessories. She is a very talented person!

For me, finding old pieces of furniture and giving them new life makes me happy. After all you are being kind to mother earth by repurposing stuff and not just going out and buying new items. The older the better, that’s how I see it. Each Antique has a story and having them in your home makes it cozy & blissful!

I also really enjoy arts and crafts projects. By looking through design books, magazines, furniture stores and getting inspiration form other people’s homes; there are endless amounts of creative ideas to choose from. I have learned that by taking risks and trying new ideas you will always have something in your home to talk about or that makes you smile. You truly don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your home beautiful. It’s all about thinking outside the box and being confident enough to express yourself. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I have taken pleasure making it! Feel free to contact me for advice or with questions.

-Cozy Bliss

BTW it's a new year and I am full of inspiration and have lots of fun things and creative ideas to share with everyone. Stay tuned!

Cozy Bliss Cozy Bliss