Anthropologie Fall Fashion Show

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Last night I did some window shopping on Sunday at the Corte
Madera Village in Marin County. Anthropologie is one of the stores I always enjoy browsing around for some inspiration. To my surprise, I stumbled into the Anthropologie Fall Fashion event and was greeted at the front door with champagne and Martinelli’s.

They also had yummy appetizers for all the guests to enjoy!

Only thing that really stood out to me was the ceiling decor they had hanging. Warmer colors of blues, purples and pinkish purples tones and the material looked like felt fabric stripes that were very dramatic. Anthropologie never holds back when it comes to being creative.

The clothes they showed at the event were fun and practical for the everyday look and were also a fun twist on work wardrobe.

It was definitely a cute fashion show and everyone seemed to enjoy this short but sweet event. They also offer styling consultations that you could set up if you need help with a new and improved makeover!

Do you love Anthropologie as much as I do? Please let me know!

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