Antique Black Chair Restoration

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A friend of mine gave me this old chair, it was a set piece on a big budget movie. It was old and tired looking and needed some TLC. Originally it was not painted and you could seen the maple wood and the fabric was faded red. The seat also had a bad rip in it. I knew that I could fix it up nicely, however, I waited a couple of days before I did anything with it. For inspiration I looked around in several magazines and home design books..then I went to a fabric store and picked out several samples to bring home with me. After laying out the fabric samples in the hallway by the chair I decided that black and white stripes would look wonderful for the antique chair. I also went back and forth on weather to paint the chair white or black. I really like this shiny black, and I get lots of compliments from using it on other pieces . So at last, I went with the tried and true black paint and I love the way the chair turned out.

Black chair

Black chair

What do you think about the chair I fixed up?

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