Boutique Find: Sonoma Country Antiques & Wine Train Tour

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Last Saturday I spent the day in Napa & Sonoma. I won tickets to the Napa Valley Wine Train & went to the Grgich Hills Winery Tour with my boyfriend. The food on the wine train was good however, our wine tour of the winery was shortened because we ended up getting a late start due to people arriving late on the wine train. Once we arrived to the winery, I learned a lot more about wine when we did the tour and found the history of Grgich Hills winery to be very interesting. The wine we tasted was amazing and I wish we could have stayed longer at the estate. I highly recommend trying out the Napa Wine Train & suggest going with a group of four so you don’t have to be seated with strangers…not that eating with strangers is a bad thing.

The couple we had lunch with on the way to the winery were friendly, so that was a good thing.

Heading back after the wine tour, we were seated in relaxing swivel chairs and had tea and coffee with our dessert as we relaxed and admired the ambience.

On the way home we did some home furnishing browsing and shopping. We stopped in a European furniture boutique called Sonoma Country Antiques.

I love the adjustable metal round table. It’s a perfect size & fit that I’m looking for in my dining room. Also another plus is it’s adjustable in height. They displayed it as bar table height with these awesome grain sack bar chairs.

The store is located along the Highway 121 route (it’s also known as Arnold Drive).

They have great finds in their shop with a good selection of outdoor furniture and accessories outside. It’s my new favorite furniture store and I think I found my dining room table & chairs.

A update on my dining table & chairs hunt from a post I wrote last week. Still debating wether or not to go back and buy the table and chairs.

- Xoxo Jessica

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