Cigar Box Planters Spring Inspiration

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Vintage cigar boxes make for great planter boxes of flowers or plants. Bulb flowers are perfect for this time of year to plant inside these boxes. So if you happen to have any laying around try re-using them instead of tossing them in the trash. However, if you don’t have any laying around your home try going to cigar shops and they will usually give them to you. Another option is flea markets almost always have them to. For more spring inspiration be sure to visit the serena and lily post.

Cigar Box Planter

Cigar Box Planter

Photo, Around The House

Cigar Box Planter

Cigar Box Planter

(Vintage cigar boxes)

Cigar Box Planter

Cigar Box Planter

Photo, Esty

Cigar Box Planter

Cigar Box Planter

Note: Most flower shops have Spring bulbs that are already bloomed that you can re-plant. They would look really pretty gathered together with several more bulbs & boxes for a table setting.

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