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I found this really cool online tool today made by the folks over at Wanokoto. You can take any photo you have and using their nifty web based photo application it makes the photo look aged by 100 years. I found this to be a really cool tool and can come in very useful in instances where you would like to see what an aged item may look like. Take a look at one image I did a test on.

Here is the before image:



And here is the after photo:



Try your own photos by visiting them here:

Note: Be sure to click the “English Tab in the upper right hand corner – Unless of course you are totally cool and can read Japanese!! Also I can see how this would be a very useful tool if you were making Holiday or Special Occasion Cards or all kinds of crafts projects. Enjoy!

Do you know about any other cool online design tools? Please comment and let me know. If you have made a tool and would like me to review and post about it I would like to hear from you.

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