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I hope you all enjoyed the long Holiday weekend. I certainly did. I went out to North Beach in Point Ryes Saturday and was lucky to have spotted a sperm whale. The weather was so warm at the beach, it felt like Summer. A perfect blissful afternoon with my friends at the beach enjoying our picnic.

On the way out to North Beach I picked up the newest issue of Sunset The Organized Home Magazine. I found some really awesome decorating ideas, it’s one of those magazine issues you keep for creative home decorating ideas. There was one section of the magazine that caught my eye and that was the crafty Cabinets and shelving geometric color combos.

I especially love this office with its geometric storage units mounted on compressed poles. The color arrangement of orange, light blue and soft green-yellow shelving works well together.

I saw this kitchen and thought this would be a inexpensive update on an outdated kitchen with the pastel color blocking painted cabinets. Also I think it worked well leaving the top cabinets in natural wood and some of the trim. I personally would never have had thought about painting my kitchen cabinets in different colors like this but, it works and i’ts quite playful.

What are your thoughts on these geometric cabinets and shelving?

P.s just a few pics of my beach day.

I forgot to mention that the waves were huge, you can’t really tell much by looking at this photo.

Photos by Eric Mayer

- Xoxo Jessica

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