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These beautiful decorative stools are called ‘garden stools,’ but others do call them ‘Chinese Garden stools’ whatever you decide to name them is up to you. I’ve seen them being used for outdoor furniture, side tables, extra seating and also just for decoration. They come in an abundance of colors to choose from. Here are some photos I found for inspirational ways of incorporating these garden stools into your home or office. The great thing about this look is you could buy high end or low end and still achieve the same look.

Garden stool

Garden stool

Gump’s- $295
(orange outdoor stool)

White garden stool

White garden stool

Pillows Ltd.-white stool, Useful as a coffee table.

Decorative garden stool

Decorative garden stool

Wisteria-Chinese Garden Stool -Gold $129.00 (they have a good selection of colors to choose from)

White garden stool

White garden stool

(white & black) $129.95
From, Z Gallerie

Blue garden stool

Blue garden stool

Vintage Garden Stool- $425.00
From, Neiman Marcus

This is a Handmade vintage ceramic garden stool with detailed intricate filigree panels. Now comes in new blue/green finish and keep in mind color will vary. These stools are 120-150 years old and made in Shiwan, China. The size is 14″Sq. x 22″T. And each size can vary. Unfortunately, these garden stools are not outdoor safe.

These ceramic stools may not be comfortable to sit on for a long period of time but they sure are pretty to look at. These stools are useful when gardening to keep you elevated and dry. They also make for great extra seating for your guest during outdoor parties. There are so many different styles and colors out there to choose from and will suit most peoples design styles!
What are your thoughts on the Chinese garden stool?
P.S Happy Earth Day!

xoxo Miss Bliss

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