Decorative Reclaimed Wood Pallets

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One thing I’ve always wanted to do is something creative with wood pallets. I think they make for the ultimate and inexpensive reclaimed DIY project. While doing some research, I thought these wooden pallets were re-used by companies however, at least 150,000 of them are thrown into a landfill each year. Then I realized that many people have already done some pretty creative decorative DIY home projects with these wooden pallets. It’s nice to see that not all of these pallets are thrown into landfills. Here are just a few of the many decorative reclaimed wooden pallets that really caught my eye and I want to eventually make one myself when I have some free time.

Flea market chic pallet bed frame.

Adorable headboard that has the word “Love” painted on it.

A darling darling table.

Wooden palettes make for a perfect china wall units.

A stylish bookcase.

They also make for a great day bed or twin bed.

Photo, Unknown

These are just a few of the many interesting and creative uses for reclaimed pallets. If I had the time I could spend all day looking up and writing all kinds of different ways of how people re-used these palettes. That said, If you’ve happened to come across another really great shipping pallet reuse project, please feel free to share the link with me in the comments below. I’d love to see them!

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