Dipped Gold: Tableware & Flatware

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Happy Monday everyone! I wanted to share with you some beautiful gold-dipped tableware and flatware I’ve been eyeing online lately. Now who doesn’t need some shimmering dipped-gold in their lives and what better place than on your table? This is a perfect way of decorating your table and we all know that the holidays are just around the corner. There is so much available now to decorate your tables with this look, from plates to flatware and even jewelry. Below are a few of my favorites that I found while looking online. I thought you who might be interested in these!

I also found a really cool DIY project for making your own gold-dipped plates, for those who are very handy…

Anthropologie- Dipped gold flatware $38.00.

Gold bottom dish at Up in the Air Somewhere. Now that’s a fun name!

DWR- Midas Glass and Carafe Set.

DWR- Hungry Tableware.

What are your thoughts on this gold-dipped tableware? Would you decorate your table with this look?
(Image: Shannon Darrough)
- Xoxo Jessica

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