DIY: Floating Shelf In Small Foyer

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A few months ago I wrote a post on small foyers. I finally got around to making my floating shelf in my entryway and it looks fantastic!

Above is the photo that inspired me to make this DIY project. Here’s how I made the floating shelf:

My first stop was Anthorpologie, they have a good selection of hardware for shelving in their home-goods section.

I almost went for the white and blue hardware but I saw in the way back the simple metal circle hardware that worked much better for my place.

Also, the metal circular one in the back is bigger and worked better for what I needed.

The second stop was Home Depot. I went straight to the lumber section and brought with me the hardware to make sure the wood was the perfect size and wasn’t too big or too small. Another plus, in Home Depot they have a wood cutting section in the back and if you ask an employee, they will cut wood if needed. I ended up getting two pieces of wood cut at Home Depot (3ft) and found a rounded piece of scrap wood that fit perfect for the edge of the shelf to give it a softer look.

My next stop was finding, black flat spray paint, sandpaper, primer paint, screws and glue.

A helpful tip: It’s much easier getting what you’re looking for if at Home Depot if you ask for help and it takes so much longer in the store if you’re uncertain on the materials needed. For me, when I’m on my DIY decorating missions I want to get out of the store in a timely manner and not be in the store longer then I have to.

Once I got back, I sanded down the wood with sand paper, put one coat of primer and two coats of black spray paint on both sides of the wood.

Once the paint dried I glued the corner wood piece to the end of the shelf and wiped off the extra glue with a rag. Allow the glue to dry over night.

The Power Grab glue worked great for holding the two pieces of wood together.

Next, I had help screwing four screws into the hardware using a power tool. The measurement of the shelf height ended up being 3ft from the floor I wanted my mirror to hang above the shelf. I found this antique mirror at the Alameda Flea Market a couple of months back and it ended up working perfect in my foyer. As for the second hardware side it got a little tricky getting both sides even so we measured each side for accuracy.

VoilĂ  the finished floating shelving in my small foyer!
(Images: unknown & Cozy Bliss)

- Xoxo Jessica

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