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Klismos chairs were created by the Ancient Greeks around the 18th century. The original Klismos chair designs were constructed from wood and unfortunately no originals have survived. That said, the Greeks have left us plenty of evidence of their Klismos chairs throw art, sculptures and history. These Klismos chairs are now making a big comeback in contemporary & traditional interiors today.

These elegant chairs feature four curving splayed legs with a curved back rail and usually have a narrow convened backrest. They were designed by the natural silhouette of the human form for comfort.
The chair was designed to be light so they could be carried easily. Another interesting fact about these chairs is they were generally made of wood and used mostly by women. Also, more contemporary & traditional Klismos chairs are often painted, have lacquered or gold leaf veneers and some have woven
decorative upholstery seats. These Klismos chairs seem to fit everyones style. Here are a few Klismos chairs I found:

Klismos Chairs

Etsy 1940′s-1950′s Klismos chair

West Elm Klismos Chairs,
$99.00 – $396.00

Restoration Hardware Klismos collection is classic and iconic. This is their outdoor catalog but could work for indoors.

I am sure if you keep your eyes open to noticing Klismos chairs you’ll be seeing them quit often in design magazines, designer showrooms and blogs etc.

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