Halloween Ghost Decoration Idea

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Ghosts decorations look fantastic hanging in the trees in your front yard. It gives the yard a scarier and spookier feel for Halloween and is sure to attract trick or treaters!

Step 1. Make the head of the ghost by blowing up a balloon & tying a secure knot.
Step 2. Draw on the face with a sharpie pen. A good way to make it look scary is to make the eyes & mouth an oval shape. For best results be sure to make the mouth bigger than the eyes.
Step 3. Cut the fabric length wise about 2 to 3 yards, straight across.
Step 4. To make the arms cut craft wire in two sections about 2ft in length for each arm.
Step 5.  Then collect the two wires, balloon and fabric together and tie with a string or rubber band. It can get tricky holding everything together.
Step 6. Next cut the fabric at the bottom and give it a fringed look.
Step 7. Cut a hole in the fabric on the top of the head, so you can tie the ghost up & hang the ghost outside from a tree.
Note: Make as many ghost as you’d like to give your yard a spooky feel. Make sure you have enough fabric & balloons.

Supplies you’ll need:
Clear Balloons
See-Through White Fabric
Sharpie Marker
Jute String or Kite String
Craft Wire
Cream Colored Rubber Bands

Here is an example photo:

Decorative ghosts

Decorative ghosts

Decorative ghosts

Decorative ghosts

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