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The guest house finally has hardwood flooring! The old carpet had been in this space for over 15 years and had so many stains that it couldn’t be fixed. It’s amazing to look at a room that’s had old carpet and then see the transformation of the new hardwood, the space looks so much larger then before. I also think it helps to hold in the heat too, which is an extra bonus. This job took one installer two days to complete.

This is the old dated carpet that needed to go!

We decided to go with the similar look of flooring that matches the main house. It’s better to have it look cohesive and not look completely different.

When installing hardwood you must have the flooring stay in the space for around ten days or more to acclimate to it’s environment. I never knew that and it makes since, you can’t just install the flooring the second it arrives.

When watching the old carpet being removed I was disturbed on how much dirt and sand was underneath the carpet. This made me not ever want to have carpet in my house, just area rugs. By having area rugs you have the luxury of easily replacing a area rug then a whole room with wall to wall carpet.

We decided to have the installer notch the bottom of the door so that the reducer sat just right on both sides. This worked out perfectly and now matches the rest of the house.

The baseboards were undercut too so the hardwood would fit right underneath. The installer did an amazing job.

Now that the new beautiful flooring is in, its time to re-decorate the guest house. The hardwood floors looks 100 times better in this space!
- xoxo Jessica

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