Hot Trend: Two-Toned Sofas

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I’ve spotted a new trend in decorating and yes, it’s two-toned sofas! It’s like color blocking for furniture which is also pretty popular right now too. What are your thoughts on this new trend in sofas?

The best part about this design trend is if you like this look, you can very easily re-upholster your current sofa or find a sofa that you’ve been wanting to re-upholster, just make sure you like the fabric on the base of the sofa because reupholstering can be expensive. All you need to recover it are the cushions, which are pretty easy to change up. Also, if have a sofa that allows you to remove the cushions like some sofas such as Pottery Barn sofas or Zgallerie, then it’s a lot easier to achieve the two- toned sofa look without having to go custom. Then all you have to do is just order a different color instead of having to have the cushions custom made. For those of you inspired DIYers, this would be a fun DIY project to try. Below I found a couple of photos of inspiring two-toned sofas.

The two-toned gray blue and lime green sofa looks beautiful in this living room. I especially love the grey wall paint and the painting in this space, they really compliment each other.

Another sweet living room with soft blue cushions and a white base.

I like this two-toned sofa the most because it’s a neutral palette. The whitish cream base and the grey cushions work well together. I like to change up my throw pillows & blankets often and having a bold two-toned sofa isn’t for me, that is why I’d personally pick this sofa over the first two pieces.

Which sofa would you pick?

(Images: Design blog, Casa Sugar, Atlanta Home)

- Xoxo Jessica

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