Inspiration: Floral Pillows From That Funky Boutique

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Browsing Esty is always fun when you have free time. I came across this store called That Funky Boutique, they have these fun pillows that really caught my eye, they most certainly will help add flair to any interior if you adore this look as much as I do.

Not only are the pillows colorful but don’t you love the collective wall art? Certainly an awesome wall art display and I had to do a double take when I first saw the photo. Personally, I feel that the montage wall has been over done, but this collection definitely jumps off the screen. So pretty.

If you’re not feeling the colorful pillows they also have them in gray, tan and black. They’re hand-made cool ruffle pillows. My personal favorite are the colored pillows. Their texture is fabulous! So when you have time check out That Funky Boutique :-)

What are your thoughts on these rose floral pillows? Hit or miss?

P.S sorry I haven’t blogged much this last week I’ve been super busy at work. I have a lot of cool stuff to write about this week so stay tuned!

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