Inspiration: Matching Furniture to Walls

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What are your thoughts on matching your upholstered pieces to upholstered walls or wallpapered walls?

I know this is an old-school design that’s been around for several centuries now. This design style is very bold and can be hard to pull off but with the right fabric and wallpaper it can look breath taking. Everything seems to eventually make a comeback and you can choose to follow it or not. To be honest with you I’m still iffy on whether or not I would design a room like that, this look takes guts to go over the top matchy matchy. Then again safe can be boring and I do gravitate more towards patterns and color. Maybe a guest bedroom or powder room would be a fun option to try out this look? If you’re still not convinced check out these beautiful spaces that do matching of upholstered pieces to upholstered walls or wallpapered walls just right!

Check out this playful bedroom. I love the fabric in this room the headboard, wallpaper and bed skirt match tastefully. I could see this being a great bedroom for a young adult.

Image via: Christne d’Ornano Interior Design

A great example of traditional & fresh stylish.
Via: Aerin Lauder

Love the pink and blue pattern in this space, the white sheets help tone down the colorful pattern. Image: via Thibaut Design

This is the safer option as far as the room goes with the cream & brown pattern on the canopy & walls. I’m a big fan of canopy beds especially canopy beds that go all the way to the top of the ceiling.

An old school look with an edge.
Image via: Greg Mendelson

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