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What are your thoughts on tufted decor in interior design? Are you a fan? All things tufted, from tufted headboards, tufted sofas, and tufted ottomans, why not tufted walls?

Below are a few spaces that take tufted decor to a whole new level of fabulousness! Tufted decor does lean more on the “traditional side,” but can easily be transitional. When mixed with the right pieces tufted decor can also look more modern or eclectic in certain settings. Whatever design style you lean more towards a little bit of tufted decor looks sophisticated. Below are some fantastic examples of this timeless trend. Enjoy!

Image via: Decor Pad

Image via: Decor Pad

A upholstered built in banquette, designed by interior designer Tobi Fairley.
Image via: Tobi Fairley

Image Via: pinterest and Houzz

Pretty nail-head tufting behind a desk.
Image via: Pinterest.

A tufted settee that is taken all the way up the wall to new heights. Image via Pinterest.

A tufted upholstered door, not sure if the bathroom is appropriate, but it sure looks stylish.

Image via: To Daloos

So, there it is! A design trend that has been proven timeless!

- Xoxo Jessica

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  • Dreaming of June


    I love tufted furniture. What a lovely post. How much tufting is too much, do you think? I could see myself going overboard with it!


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