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I was looking through House Beautiful today and I am loving the look of green. I am personally not afraid of using vibrant colors and if they’re used right will certainly help give your home lots of personality. In the design world I have noticed greens ranging from apple green, celadon, emerald, forest green, moss, jade, lime green, olive green, sage, sea-foam green, and plenty more being used as of late. These hues complement well with any color however, look best when used with bright whites and neutrals, creating a fresh chic space. Whether you decide to apply this color as a bold lime accent or a soft sage for a intriguing backdrop, green is a wonderful way to bring in Spring and enjoy the outdoors.
Here are some rooms from House Beautiful that really inspire me.

Green living room

Green living room

This is an almost blinding green living room and is shocking to the senses at the same time. A Manhattan living room, designers Anthony Baratta and William Diamond certainly weren’t shy with this vibrant hue.

Traditional style kitchen

traditional style kitchen

I saw this traditional style kitchen and I think it’s so charming. First of all I like gingham fabric in any color and the pea-green gingham on the ceiling is so unique. (painted on canvas by Silvere Boureau). This particular green the designer chose for the island and the plates above the stove, ties this kitchen together nicely.
Designed by, Gidean Mendelson

Green and white floral wallpaper

Green and white floral wallpaper

The oversized floral wallpaper motifs definately create a statement, perfect for a small scaled powder room.
Designed by Meg Braff

So what are your thoughts on green in interior spaces? Are you loving it or highly disliking green, I’d love to know?

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  • a' la mode


    I have touches of green all though out my home and just redid my baby’s nurser to a pre toddler room, she is a little girl, but I re did it in navy and green…preppy and crisp. I really enjoy your blog =) xoxo Shelli


    • missbliss


      Thanks Shelly. I would love to see some pictures of the room you fixed up for your little girl. Green is definitely a fun color for spring and summer time!


  • Dreaming of June


    I love green! I especially love vibrant shades of it. My living room is apple green with white, brown and turquoise accents. There is so much you can do with green. Great examples shown here! Cool gingham ceiling.


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