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Lately, Ive been loving everything Kilim in the design world. I know they’ve been around for awhile now but, they are really making a big comeback. Kilims help add that extra flair to any space & style you lean more towards.

My parents have Kilim decorative pillows in their home & I’ve always liked them. One thing I have noticed & kinda dis-like about the material is that it’s itchy and not that comfortable…it just looks so pretty though. That said you are better off buying Kilim rugs, or accent pieces and not decorative pillows if you’re looking for more cozy pillows. Here are some creative ideas of adding Kilim accent pieces into your home.

This Kilim area rug looks beautiful hung behind the bed.

Also stunning as a stair runner.

You could drape Kilims as a throw on a sofa chair or any pieces of furniture.

Or even reupholster furniture like the one shown above from Anthropolgie. I think this Kilim sofa from Anthropolgie is so awesome, even though I’m sure it’s quite itchy!

It’s now for sale $2,498.00.

Grandin Road-Triangular Kilim Footstool Was $199 (on sale now $179).

Even Esty has some amazing Kilim pillows

What are your thoughts on Kilims?

Attic Mag (first 2 photos)

Pierre Yovanovitch

A Place 2 Call Home

- Xoxo Jessica

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