Long Holiday Weekend

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Marin Spring 2011

Marin Spring 2011

I hope everyone is having a nice long holiday weekend. I am getting a lot of work done and enjoying spending time with friends and loved ones.

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  • I am so happy Spring is almost here! A Heads up, there is a Flea market coming up this weekend in Mill Valley at Maison Reve in Northern California on March 19th.

    Flea Market


  • My mom reminded me the other day that gardenias are elegant flowers to have in a home. She suggested that you can place them in a bowl filled with water and place them in a bathroom or bedside table. One gardenia will add just enough to fill the ...

  • Went to North Beach out in Point Reyes National Seashore, so beautiful this father's day weekend!

    North Beach

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful time spending time with fa ...

  • I am loving the Spring and Summer 2011 vibrant pink and orange color combination. When I see these colors together I think it just shouts modern! Not only are these color trends popular right now in decorating but they are also everywhere in the ...


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BTW it's a new year and I am full of inspiration and have lots of fun things and creative ideas to share with everyone. Stay tuned!

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