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Scarecrow Decoration:

Make your own Scarecrow

Make your own Scarecrow

Making a scarecrow can be a fun Halloween activity for the whole family. Scarecrows are pretty easy to make and look great in your yard surrounded by pumpkins. Here is how to make one yourself.



Steps to making your very own Scarecrow:

1. Cut out an 8 foot piece of bamboo. Cut the bamboo into two pieces. One piece at 3ft long & the other 5ft long.

2. Cross the two poles together with craft wire. Make sure at the top part of the scarecrow you leave 1/2 foot of room at the top.

3. Then use craft wire to combine the two pieces together and make sure that it’s secure and won’t come undone.

4. Find an old plaid shirt and place it on the top part of the scarecrow. Then stuff loosely with hay, straw or dried leafs.

5. Next find a pair of old overalls. Then use the pole to place one of the legs into and then buckle the pants. Don’t forget to tuck the shirt into the pants!

6. Stuff the pants with straw.

7. Make the head with an old pillowcase or jute coffee bag and stuff with enough straw as needed. Another option it to use a pumpkin for the head and draw a face with a sharpie or use a Jack-O-Lantern as a face. Any of these options work nicely.

8. Give the scarecrow a characterized face with a sharpie or permanent pen. Optionally you can sew buttons to make the face.

9. Place it on top of the figure & tie the head on good.

10. When finished, place the scarecrow anywhere in your yard or front door.

Note: If you don’t want the scarecrow on the pole standing up by it’s self, you don’t have to use it. All you’ll have to do is put a little bit more stuffing inside. A nice place to put the scarecrow is on a chair or hay stack instead and that looks nice as well.

DIY Scarecrow Example

DIY Scarecrow Example

Scarecrow Couple Chilling on a bed of hay

Scarecrow Couple Chilling on a bed of hay

Supplies needed:

  1. Hay or straw
  2. Bamboo
  3. Pillowcase or Jute Coffee Bag
  4. Rubber band
  5. Craft-wire
  6. Rope
  7. Gardening Gloves (for safety)
  8. Straw hat (optional)
  9. Sharpie Markers
  10. Plaid shirt
  11. Hack Saw
  12. Handkerchief (optional)
  13. Overalls
  14. Sewing String/Needle
  15. Pumpkin (optional)

Leave a comment with a link back to your scarecrow. I would love to see what you come up with.

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