Marin County Artist Lisa Fernald Barker

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I was in Mill Valley the other day and I came across this art gallery called Room Fine Art and I was really excited to see the work of Marin County Artist Lisa Fernald Barker. There is something incredibly inspiring and intriguing about her work. Her exhibit “Destinations in Color” can also be seen in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. I am not an art critic but my take on her work shows that she is a master of virgin brush strokes and really has a strong understanding of the use of paint. I have found that one of the most difficult aspects of painting is resisting the urge to overwork the paint and being comfortable with the way it leaves the brush and hits the canvas. It is only in the best works that we find paintings where large strokes of paint are left in their pristine condition and you can clearly see when an artist is comfortable with their medium and technique enough to leave such expression. Another aspect of her pieces that I found most compelling is the time and patience she puts into these works. To get such a broad range of colors to sit next to each other on the canvas a great deal of time is spent letting the first brush strokes dry. I find this to be so exciting and I hold her in the highest regard as an artist. If you are in the Marin County, San Francisco or Lake Tahoe areas and are looking to take in some true art of the highest possible degree, I highly recommend seeking out Lisa Fernald Barker and Room Fine Art Gallery in Mill Valley. Visit or call 415-259-7833 for details about her work.

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