Recycled Glass Counter Tops

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It’s amazing to see what’s out there for finding ways to make your home earth friendly. I am not in need of doing a remodel, but it’s great to be on the hunt
for green products when a project happens to come along.
Vetrazzo is a company that makes their products from 85% recycled materials. People are using this product for more than just counter tops. It’s also being used for wall-covering, flooring,
mantels, architectural cladding, fireplace surroundings, bath & shower surroundings and much more. This material is comparable to granite and looks
pretty stylish as well. There is a big variety of colors to choose from and it’s not limited to a few options.
Oh and if you want to recycle your Vetrazzo counter tops, the company has a program where they will recycle it for you. Now that’s a lot of recycling going on!

Below here are some samples of what it looks like.

Recycled glass

Recycled glass

Recycled glass counter tops

Recycled glass counter tops

Recycled glass counter tops

Recycled glass counter tops

Check out the site:

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