Spring Flowers in Bottles Fabric & Twine

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On Friday night I made a floral display to bring more of a Spring ambiance to the entry way of my condo. Here is how I made my floral display: I saved a couple of French sparkling water bottles, they’re great to re-use for displaying flowers in & I also had a couple of vases too. While I was putting some of the flowers in the bottles I remembered that I had some scrap fabric and twine. I cut about three 8×10 pieces of fabric and wrapped twine around several times and tied a knot. Its always a great idea to save fabrics because you never know when you will need it next. The display looks fantastic on the console table in the foray. Oh and they would also look great displayed on a dinning room table as well.

Daffodil flower display w/used glass bottles

Daffodil flower display

Flower display w/used glass bottles

Flower display w/used glass bottles

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