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Carpet runners on your stairs is a great way to dress up stairs in your home and are making a resurgence in popularity. I personally think people are getting tired of hardwood floors, laminates and the like. People are more after warmth and something with a bit of texture, especially carpet stair runners. When it comes to wood, marble or tile stairs, they look nice but aren’t safe. Safety is a big reason more people want to cover their staircases with carpet runners. Area rugs and stairway runners have come a long way and are a lot more visually appealing.

Stairway runners in my opinion can become a great decoration in your home. Whatever pattern or color you chose can help give you a nice decorative change. In addition you’re lessening the chances of slipping or falling by adding a carpet stairway runner. The downside to carpet is cleaning it is more difficult, but if you find a carpet pattern that doesn’t show dirt or stains easily I would recommend that over something that’s hard to clean.

Below are few of my favorite stair carpet runners. You should consider adding any of these to your home.

Honestly you can’t go wrong with a nice bold geometric print. When it comes to using a geometric pattern on your stair runner I would highly suggest using neutrals (black and white, beige etc). You should think it out before choosing a bright color paired with a bold pattern – not that it wouldn’t look stunning but you may get tired of looking at it.

This is a lovely geometric pattern to consider.

Stripes are a classic look that will always be in style in your home and your wardrobe. From skinny stripes to large colorful stripes you really can’t go wrong.

-Animal prints-
Animal prints aren’t my personal favorite but if it’s designed right it can look beautiful. From zebra, leopard, cheetah, antelope, you name it. Maybe try sticking with the non-neon version of animal print!

-Chevron prints-
Then there are the trendy patterns like the chevron prints. I think it would be better as a runner or area rug but not ideal for a carpet stairway runner. You’re better off sticking with a classic look than something that’s trendy.

-Solid with Banding-
This is another classic look. A wonderful option for someone who wants to avoid trends.

I also like a nice solid stairway runner, from dark rug to a natural stairway runner I highly recommend solid. Seagrass, sisal, grain sack and herringbone pattern are just a few natural fibers to consider.

-Unique/ Funky-
Flower power! Very bold & fun.

What are your thoughts on stairway carpet runners? Do you still want to go without the carpet runner on your stairs or do you like the decorative visual interest it can create to enhance your stairway?

P.s Sorry I haven’t blogged in over a week. I took a little trip to Vegas for my friend’s birthday bash with a wonderful group of people. It was a nice vacation that went by really fast.

It’s good to take time off to enjoy these last few warm days of summer. I’m actually looking forward to the fall. It’s been so pleasant in Northern California and the cooler weather will be a nice change. Happy Thursday!

(Images: first two images- Shelterness, Houzz, House to House, TYID, House of Hydrangeas, ACME, Fun on The Floor)

- Xoxo Jessica

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