Suzanis an Essential Color Piece for Decor

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Photo, Elle Decor

Photo, Domicile Interior Design

I’ve been seeing a lot of Suzanis embroidered fabrics that are appearing all over great interior decor and design magazines. Suzanis have bold patterns that make a big statement in the design of a room and also help bring a comfortable feeling to any space.
The name Suzani comes from the Persian word “needle”. What a perfect fit considering how they are made. These original authentic textiles are carefully handstiched and are usually made with cotton or silk. Another interesting fact about Suzanis is they originated in Uzebekistan and Kazakhstan as wedding treasures which were given to a groom on his wedding day that were made by the bride to be.

Here are a few pieces I found to get the look of Suzanis style.

Suzani Floral Chair-

Area Rug-

Round Suzani Pouff

These patterns are so rich in colors and work well with traditional or modern styles. Suzanis offer a nice way to utilize color in any rooms design.

What are your thoughts on these bold prints? Are they to much or do you adore them as much as I do?

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