Umbrella Plant, Air Plant, Orchids and Succulents

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Here are four indoor plant options that will surely add an extra finishing touch to any space. Sunday I went to the Marin Showcase Home which was at Villa Belvedere this year and I saw a variety of plants used throughout the home. I noticed that the rooms that incorporated plants & trees were more interesting than the rooms that didn’t. I think adding a plant or floral arrangement completes a room. Here are the plants below that I’ve been seeing a lot of In design spaces lately.

1. Air plants

These larger air plants look amazing draped on the sides of urns, and can be really dramatic yet still elegant.

2. Succulents

What a beautiful succulent centerpiece from the blog Belle Maison 23, so inspiring.
Photos via Belle Maison 23

3. Orchids

White orchids were used quite a bit at the Marin Showcase Home 2012.

4. Umbrella trees and Umbrella Plants

Two large umbrella plants frame this window nicely. Umbrella plants and Umbrella trees offer a subtle way to frame windows and are becoming more and more popular.
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