Up-cycling DIY Project Ideas: Fused Plastic Bags

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When thinking of items to recycle or up-cycle, plastic grocery bags are certainly at the top of my list. Many of us are trying to make a effort towards eliminating the need for using so many plastic bags and switching to reusable cotton bags and other sturdier bags to do our shopping. What about making something useful out of plastic bags instead of throwing them away? These plastic bags are everywhere, from our favorite retail boutiques to the take out food we order, plastic bags are sadly used way too much. I read that plastic bags take up to a thousand years to disintegrate into the earth which really disturbs me.

Today I came a cross this interesting DIY project on Etsy’s Youtube channel.

It’s a fun video tutorial on how to fuse plastic bags. I just had to share this with all of you. Most of us know that that you cannot recycle plastic bags. So I was happy to have found this DIY project up-cycling of plastic and turning them into really creative uses for your day to day needs. Check out this awesome video tutorial, it looks super easy to do.


Then of course I looked on Pinterest and saw some really creative ideas on fused plastic that other people have done. Below are just a few of my favorites of what other crafty bloggers have done with up-cycling plastic bags.

1. Tote bag: made from Sara vs. Sarah Blog. Check out their tutorial.

A great multi-purpose bag to have. All different shapes and sized bags people have done fusing plastic, very handy! This I just one of many adorable bags I’ve seen online.

2. Fused plastic table number: from Firefly Events Blog.

A fun DIY for a party or wedding.

3. Fused plastic coasters: Check out tutorial at Creative Jewish Mom blog.

4. Leaf garland: at Geen Up-Grader.

5. Creative wall art:

Wildflower canvas from The Artsy Cottage.

Etsy- Gentle Valley Topographic Map Embroidery on Fused Plastic Bags – 10×8 – Framed $65.00 + shipping.

6. Make your own jewelry:

A sweet necklace.
Etsy- Fused Plastic Necklace – Eco Friendly $200 + shipping.

There are so many possibilities with this material. So far I haven’t made anything yet myself but I’m sure I will as soon as I move to my new place next month. Unfortunately, all my art and craft materials are all packed up in boxes to move so I’ll have to wait a few more weeks to get started :-(

Happy Friday!

- Xoxo Jessica

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